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Recruiting technology volunteers isn't just the domain of CTOs and system administrators - your organization's program staff should be thinking about pro bono tech needs too. That's because program managers are often able to view tech needs from the perspective of delivering actual services to real people.  After all, they are often the ones using the digital tools, the custom Web service, the CRMs, and the mobile apps (and often training service recipients and partners as well). In this panel discussion led by VolunteerMatch's Robert Rosenthal, program staff will hear from pro bono volunteering experts, corporate engagement officers, and pro bono team leaders about the trends, tips, and practices required to be a great pro bono partner. Panelists include Ian Rhett (CEO of CivicActions), Ehren Foss (Co-founder and CEO of HelpAttack! and Social Actions nerd), and Carol Guttery (Director of Program Development for Taproot Foundation). Beyond issues like scope, skill sets, and project collaboration, we'll look at how program staff can help your organization position itself to find and engage great pro bono tech teams.

Session Takeaways

1. Learn what techies, agencies and companies often look for in a pro bono partner (and how to rock the engagement from your side)
2. Learn what models and tools are available to help you assess your tech needs for pro bono engagement.
3. Find out about platforms and partners that can help pro bono volunteers and CSR administrators find your organization.


Speakers (4)

User Ehren Foss CEO HelpAttack!
User Ian Rhett CEO CivicActions
robert_0311 Robert Rosenthal VP, Communications & Marketing VolunteerMatch