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Online presence is increasing in importance in nearly all institutions today, yet very few are actually managing it in an effective way. While there is no one right way to manage digital, the way most institutions structure it greatly limits the outcomes they seek, because every innovation they want to do online will be limited by their own internal capacity to dream, execute, and sustain it over time. This session will share scenarios we see across NGO's of many sizes and fields of common challenges that point to deeper structural, personnel, and cultural issues limiting digital performance. We will share 4 models most institutions use to manage the online function: informal, centralized, independent, and hybrid, and discuss the attributes, benefits, and drawbacks of each model. Particular attention will be paid to the hybrid model as we see it as the most progressive and effective model used by the highest performance teams. This session will also share metrics and insights from the world's first digital team structure survey, currently being conducted by Communicopia. We will close with principles on how institutions change their structures, and how to encourage that change. An open discussion will follow on these principles.

Session Takeaways

1. Learn why digital team structure is the foundation for how org's either are limited or successful with digital campaigns & tools
2. Learn the 4 different models how NGO's manage digital functions
3. Insights shared from the world's first digital team structure survey completed in Sep 2011