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As nonprofits, we look to find ways to better manage our portfolio of projects and to measure the impact of the work we do. We look to answer three basic questions:

  • How am I doing?
  • How is my project doing?
  • How is our organization doing?

We collect lots and lots of data. Some of it we use to report back to our funders. Some of it gets passed on to our partners and clients. Some we use to improve our work. Most data just disappears into the ether. This session looks at the questions we ask, the data we collect, and the methods we use to analyze that data. We'll discuss best practices/lessons learned about using metrics to measure our success and using data for decision-making and business intelligence.

Session Takeaways

1. Strengthened effectiveness for your projects/programs/organization
2. Reduced redundancy and waste in data collection and use
3. Data as a tool for decision-making and business intelligence


Speakers (2)

Bill_Lester-ED William Lester Executive Director Non-Profit Organizations Knowledge Initiative
stan Stan Mierzwa Director, Information Technology POPULATION COUNCIL