Show, Tell, Hire! (12NTCHire)

1:30 PM–3:00 PM on Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012


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Show, Tell, Hire! is an interactive event to encourage professional development and foster mentorship and networking in the nonprofit community. All are welcome - job candidates, employers with open positions, career mentors, and anyone open to sharing lessons from their own professional development. Bring a spirit of generosity and come prepared to share your experience and meet new people. There will be an emceed portion for organizations, companies, and individuals to stand up and let the room know what types of candidates or jobs they're seeking, and a networking power hour for more casual conversations and follow-ups.

Organizations, firms, and nonprofit vendors: This is your chance to show prospective hires what you're all about, outside the rush of the Science Fair. What interesting projects are you working on? How do you achieve your mission and what's your culture like? What skills are you looking for in job candidates? Job seekers: What nonprofit superpowers make you stand out? Show prospective companies and organizations why they should hire you. Tell us about an awesome project you created or campaign you ran. What interests you and how do you hope to grow?

Mentors and networkers: Maybe you're looking for a new gig but don't want everyone to know. Maybe you"re an amazing community builder and want to help others grow in their fields. Come to make introductions, network weave, and encourage others!

Session Takeaways

1. Job seekers: Share your experience, what makes you special, and the kinds of opportunities you are looking for.
2. Hiring managers: Tell NTC attendees about the opportunities available at your organization; connect with interested candidates.
3. Everyone: Mentor, encourage, and network with others in the community.


Speakers (2)

Avi_Kaplan_-_Event_-_small Avi Kaplan Senior Strategist Rad Campaign
JS_laugh headshot_Photo 24 Julia Smith Communications & Media